HAIYAN SANXIN STEEL TUBE CO.,LTD.established in July 1997, is a private enterprise which integrated scientific research,production and trade in one.


square meters construction area


million yuan in national assets


years of professional production


authorized patents

The Company covers an area of about 70 mu, an building area of more than 25,000 square meters, and has fixed assets of more than 45 million yuan.The Company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of steel pipes for high-precision cold-drawing hydro-cylinders, cylinders, automobile cylinder liners and other auto parts.In addition, it also produces a variety of special steel pipes, marine steel pipes, high, middle and low pressure boiler pipes.The largest diameter ofits products can be up to 350 mm, and the wall thickness ranges from 0.5 mm to 30 mm.



The war epidemic stabilizes the economy and the "steel demand" steel traders are looking forward to the early spring of the steel market!

Entering March, the steel market has improved. The general manager of Shanghai Hualei Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Liang Taigeng, the chairman of Shanghai Wubo Steel Structure Materials Co., Ltd.
  • 2020-09-21

    20#What is the material of seamless pipe

    20# seamless steel pipe material is 20 steel, generally 20 seamless steel pipe   20# steel pipe material is: high-quality carbon structural steelGrade: 20 steelStandard: GB/T 699-1988●20#Seamless stee
  • 2020-09-21

    Mechanical properties of precision bright seamless tube

    Precision bright seamless steel pipe is a high-precision steel pipe material processed by fine drawing or cold rolling. Because the inner and outer walls of the precision bright tube have no oxide lay
  • 2020-09-21

    Uses of seamless tubes of various materials

    Seamless steel pipes are divided into the following varieties due to their different uses:GB/T8162-1999 (Seamless steel pipe for structure). Mainly used for general structure and mechanical structure.

The company has obtained environmental management system certification

Provide customers with green and safe high-quality steel tube

Can supply pipes for pipelines, pipes for machinery industry, pipes for petroleum geological drilling, pipes for thermal equipment, pipes for chemical industry, and pipes for other departments

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